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Centennial News Reports - Video

Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report June 2013 

June 2013

Total War

Professor Elliott Meyrowitz, J.D. Ph.D. examines World War 1 and discusses the effects of the mechanization of production, technological advances in transportation, weaponry, and the military strategy of total war used by the both the Allies and the Central Powers..


Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report May 2013 

May 2013

 Michigan's Military Technical & Historical Society Museum

A visit to Michigan's Military Technical & Historical Society Museum with a focus on WW1 displays. Learn about Michigan State Troops which are now called the Michigan Volunteer Defense Force (MIVDF). Learn about Edgar A. Guest, Michigan's Poet Laureate and his contribution to the War, and learn abot the new WW1 Commemorative Coin


Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report April 2013 

April 2013

Base Hospital #36 Part Two

Part 2 of Base Hospital #36 from Detroit, Mi. The first 1000 bed hospital unit to arrive in France. Staffed by the Detroit College of Medicine & Surgery (Now Wayne State Medical School) and local citizen volunteers. This program looks at the organization and staff of the unit.


Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report March 2013 

March 2013

Base Hospital #36 Part One

Base Hospital #36 was form in Detroit by the American Red Cross and staffed with faculty and students from the Detroit College of Medicine and Surgery (now Wayne State University Medical School). This is part one in which we explore the adventure that Base Hospital #36 had from Detroit, Michigan to Vittel, France and then back again. The Michigan State Fair Grounds was where Base Hospital #36 was trained during the late summer and fall of 1917.


Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report February 2013 

February 2013

The Yankee Air Museum 

The Yankee Air Museum made a S.P.A.D. XIII from plans. It is a WW1 fighter plane used by the U.S. Army Air Corps. Aces like Eddie Rickenbacker, Reed M. Chambers and others flew this type of plane.


Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report January 2013 

January 2013

 The Cruise of the Kronprinz Wilhelm

A Polish Count, in the German Navy, who later lived in Grosse Pointe, Mi. Count Alfred von Niezychowski wrote a book about his experiences on the high seas during the first nine months of the war.

The gripping, powerful first account of the First World War German 'Mystery Cruiser' KRONPRINZ WILHELM, a four-funnelled passenger liner converted into a commerce raider. It describes the experiences and adventures of an Officer in the German Naval Reserve during the Historic 251-day Cruise of the Kronprinz Wilhelm. SS Kronprinz Wilhelm was a German passenger liner built for the Norddeutscher Lloyd, a former shipping company of the Hapag-Lloyd by the AG Vulcan shipyard in Stettin, in 1901. She took her name from Crown Prince Wilhelm, son of the German Emperor Wilhelm II, and was a sister ship of the SS Kaiser Wilhelm 

Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report 2013


Give the First World War a second Look!

A condensed version of Michigan's contribution to the First World War and projects that are related to the Centennial.
Watch Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report on YouTtube and visit Michigan's WW1 Centennial on Facebook. 


Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report December 2012 

December 2012

Wartime Recipes "Michigan Muffins"

"Michigan Muffins", learn about what life was like on the home front. The Lever Act, The U.S. Food Administration and a 100 year old recipe for Michigan Muffins. See Posters from the Home Front and WW1 film footage of the kitchen operations at a U.S. Army base.


Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report November 2012 

November 2012

Save our Flags

Battle Flags of the First World War that are being preserved in the Michigan Historical Museum's "Save the Flags" program. Also, some information about the 16th Regiment of Engineers (Railway) and the Flag Pole dedicated to Veterans of the World War at the old Temple Beth El which was located at 8801 Woodward (at Gladstone) in Detroit,Mi 

Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report October 2012 

October 2012

WW1 Sheet Music

Sheet music during WW1 is a large and interesting field. Learn why sheet was the most popular form of entertainment. Playing music and singing at the Red Cross Shelter or YMCA Hut provided the dough boy hours of fun. See original WW1 sheet music and hear recordings of some of the more popular songs during the War. Also, learn what is happening Nationally for the WW1 Centennial. Plus, learn about the National WW1 Museum at the Liberty Memorial.


Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report September 2012 

September 2012

Training Camps in Michigan

Michigan had five training camps during the First World War. Learn about them and what the daily routine was for one of those soldiers. Also find how what is happening with Michigan's WW1 Centennial.

Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report August 2012 

August 2012

Grandfather of the Internet

Major General George Owen Squier (March 21, 1865- March 24, 1934) was born in Dryden, Michigan, United States. He graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1887 and received a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University in 1893.
His biggest contribution was that of telephone carrier multiplexing in 1910 for which he was elected to the National Academy of Science in 1919.

Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report July 2012 

July 2012

 The Oscar II & Henry Ford

Henry Ford sailed on the Oscar II to Europe at the end of 1915 to end the European War along with some notable people from the United States. The Peace Movement in the United States became front page news. Armed with Marconi (Radio) they planned to blast the message of Peace to the warring countries.

Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report June 2012 

June 2012

 The Poppy

Michigan's WW1 Centennial News Report  June 2012
Why is the Red Poppy the symbol for Veterans and WW1?
The history of Veterans Day.
Dr. Andrew Murrison UK WW1 Centennial Chairman Overseas report
Internet WW1 Centennial-
Wikipedia-Operation Great War
St. Helena High School-WW1 Research Institute

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